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Discussione: Meeting of the Desert Vehicles 2014
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Meeting of the Desert Vehicles 2014 Postato il 2013/12/01 17:26 Karma: 5  
Dall'amico Kuno Gross:

Call for Participation

Dear Colleagues and Desert-Vehicles-Enthusiasts;

After we had built up our 1930 Ford A in the same way as the famous Count Almasy had done it for his 1933 deep-desert-expeditions in Egypt we did not want to waste any time and decided to test our vehicle in the Sahara on sand and gravel. We spent two weeks in Tunisia and made a great experience with our 83 years old car – it was just like being sent back in time.
Then, on the way back to Europe on the ferry-ship we thought that we should not only repeat such trip in 2014/15 but that it would be a very good idea to have also other people with us who want to drive their desert-vehicle once in its “original environment”. This is why we address now to you and would like to learn, if you may be interested to get such experience with your desert-vehicle.
What we want to call the “Meeting of the Desert Vehicles” shall take place in the last quarter of 2014 or in the first quarter of 2015 in the area of the oasis of Ksar Ghilane in Tunisia. This oasis is not only the most picturesque one in Tunisia, with its palmes and the small lake, but it is surrounded by a variety of desert landscapes, including sand dunes and has a historical relation to several of the famous units who fought (and drove) during the Desert Campaign of WW2 – many of them passed this oasis, camped and even battled there: Popski’s Private Army, SAS, French SAS, LRDG, “La Colonne Leclerc”, 15 Panzerdivision and the 2nd NZ Division. The events of the desert war have long passed since but the careful observer can still find traces of the past: Flimsy Cans, fragments of artillery-shells, bullets and so on.

But it is not the case that we only wish to attract military vehicles – our Ford A is a civilian car and we hope that one or the other civilian desert-vehicle may join as well.

Nothing is decided yet but we would like to provide you with some basic information already at this stage:
• Country: Tunisia
• Approach to the Country: By weekly car ferry, either from Marseilles or from Genova
• Entry formalities for persons: Europeans need a passport but not a visa
• Entry formalities for vehicles: Insurance required (“green card”), local driving permit can be obtained on the ferry ship. NO carnet de passage required.
• Touristic infrastructure in the Country: Well established.
• Security situation: Not yet perfect but generally calm.
• Location: Oasis Ksar Ghilane.
• Approach to the Location: Either off-road from Douz or Remada or by comfortable asphalt-road.
• Accommodation: There are several permanent camps available in the oasis, “wild” camping in the environment is also possible.
• Duration at the location: Approx 4 days (maybe more)

Depending on the number of participants, their demands and vehicles we can organize the meeting in the desert. To do this we can rely on our experience of more than ten journeys into the Country and the knowledge of the local situation – be it regarding historical events or the actual one.

So, if you own a desert-vehicle which was manufactured (in its original) prior to 1960 and you wish to bring it to the desert once to learn how to move it there, then please address to us and we shall keep you posted about the ongoing planning for the meeting – and let us also know, what time of the year would be the most suitable for you.

Kind regards,

Wolfgang & Kuno

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